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Originally Posted by HonestJohn
My issue with a probationary group is that we have many new users who are already established airsofters, especially in other countries, who sign up to participate in a thread right away - as many of us do on other boards, you browse and if you find a discussion you want to be a part of, you signup and post.
I see and agree with that point.

I probably wasn't very clear in presenting my original idea, but I would still leave it open and DEMOTE a new user to the mud room should they appear 'not to get it'. They would not be promoted out of the mud room until they demonstrated sufficent motivation to seek out the answers that are found in the FAQs. Current moderators who trash threads due to these kinds of posters, as they are easily identifiable, could send those particular threads and users to the mud room instead of the trash. Not everything in the trash is necessarily trash (now I am a garbage picker...). This would allow the good users, as you call them, who don't have issues to continue to enjoy the benefits of instant activation and membership, while minimizing the impact of those who need more assistance in finding their way around this sport we know and love...

This would also help first time users learn about airsoft without antagonizing the membership who really don't want to see threads titled "What AEG should be my first gun?" or "Can I use a Cambodia Tire Soft Air gun at an airsoft game?".
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