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Gen 2 SEMI reuseable grenade

ok boys and girls, i have some more progress to report on the nade situation. there has been alot of developments and a total design re-vamp. i have also split the nade into 2 distinct types. one for tripping on and one to actually throw and have a timed explosion.

there are alot of areas i will need help on and i require some input on how to make it possible, as i do not have all the answers yet.

first, the timed nade (a 3d design in 3ds max is comming soon and i will post drawings sometime tonight when i have time.)

there will be an ABS outer shell same diameter as a can of beefaroni (yes i was actually inspired by beefaroni). this piece will be cut in half and hinged on one side (2 hinges). on the bottom there will be a cap that fits around the OUTER circumference(spelling?) this cap will not be held on by anything and will be the only thing holding the pipe closed. at the top there will be a spring loaded hammer that is held up by the pull pin.

on the inside there will be a piece of 1 1/2 inch copper tubing with a 10 degree slice cut out and facing opposite the hinge. this piece will be held on by the same screws that hold the hingees in place. obviously it will have to be slightly offset to the side to accomodate the opening of the two outer halves.

into the tube the operator will slide a pre packed (by me) bag containing a Co2 and a piercing cap. the cap will be 1 inch copper tube approx 3 inches in leingth with an endcap that has a hole in the top. in the hole in the top of the endcap there will be a brass tack soldered facing inward. the brass tack is what pierces the co2. the rest of the bag will contain powder and pellets. the two (co2 and ammo) will have to be separated. i plan on custom making these caps and bags myself thus this grenade will only be SEMI reuseable. you buy the shell and then the ammo as you need it. (i promise not to gouge on the ammo and the shell will also be fairly cheap due to its low ammount of parts and no requirement to hold pressure.)

so in closing the grenade will work like this:

1. place bag into copper tube attached to inside of shell. secure bottom (need help here has to be solid and cheap but removable for loading).

2. pull pin and throw. when pin is pulled Co2 begins to escape filling bag (not too much Co2 all at once or it will go off way too fast, **learned hard way

3. pressure from the bag pushes on the endcap around bottom of outer shell (which i will connect via a small wire or bathtub chain) and pushes it off allowing the outer shell to open and altting the bag reach its maximum pressure and then popping. i also hope thay this expansion will help the nade to turn over if it lands on the wrong side.

and thats it. i need help also with the hammer design if anyone has any ideas.

then theres the trip grenade. this is much simpler that the throw nade and will be 100% re-usable. all i need to do is get a piece of tube pressurized with a bike pump and put one of those reusable wine corks in the end. when you trip over the wire it will open the small metal handle at the top causing all the pressure to fly out exactly in the direction of where it was tripped. it will also depressurize instantly so the full load will be delivered instantly too.

question: how do i hget a bike pump nozzle sealed into a piece of plastic pipe.

i hope you like my ideas and i welcome any constructive criticism.
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