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I am out in the boonies of the Fraser Valley in BC, we play on a private airsoft only field, on a dead end road. Our belief is NOT to keep this sport 'under the radar'.

As a result everyone in the area has been invited out to information days, they check out the gear and guns and observe the games. That is 25 more people who know what airsoft is. The result of this minor PR work is we had 35 people in full gear weapons out move 300 meters up a public road to an alternate field, with the only comment from the locals being big game today eh.

We have talked to the local RCMP detachment, so they are aware of us. The result of this is that when a car of our players got pulled over in road block for poachers, the only comment when the gun case was opened was how much do those cost, and man that's why I don't play this game.

What does all this have to do with the discussion at hand. Simple, visibility and information are our friends. Talk to people, talk to your local, provincial and federal politicians. They may only give you lip service, but they will know something about airsoft when you are done. If you can get one out to a game all the better, and if you do get them out make sure they see a game in play, let them try the various weapons out.

In the end educate them about the disparity in the firearms regulations, why some clear guns have no problems yet ours do. If you take this route only use facts and no bull, print out the information tell them about the various clear guns at CT and other retailers, that are ignored by the rules.

Acknowledge the concerns of the police, about low end airsoft being used by low end criminals. Accept there are problems and suggest solutions.

The more educated the politicans are the easier it is to get them to change something.

Should this be a global airsoft discussion yes, every player in Canada should be involved, every site linked to a common discussion with ruthless moderators removing flamers and morons. Then we will be seen as a nationwide sport, and hopefully taken more seriously. To have a successful change to the firearms regulations we need to be seen as a SPORT, that has everyday people in it. Not just a bunch of loonies running around in the woods.

Sorry if this rambles but that is how my mind works.
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