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Split useful part of the thread back into General. Ironically I think being in the trash kept alot of random posters out.

The technical aspect of implementing it is not the problem, it's easy. My issue with a probationary group is that we have many new users who are already established airsofters, especially in other countries, who sign up to participate in a thread right away - as many of us do on other boards, you browse and if you find a discussion you want to be a part of, you signup and post.

I always have a keen dislike for penalizing the good users for the actions of a few problem ones - it's why we have a gun registry. It's easy to realize the benefits of a system like that, but you won't know who you're shutting out. Given that we are now one of the largest english airsoft websites in the world, instituting a policy locking people out could be quite frustrating to the community.

My opinion.
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