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I post about laws based on what the police will toss at us; in their eyes they are Replicas because those laws bite the most and area easy to enforce. The FAQ are NOT clear about what gets enforced. You dont risk getting shot or arrested as badly with airguns as you would with toys that are 1:1 scale to the real thing.

I err on the side of caution. Airsoft laws are unclear, replica laws are Very Clear. I stand by them.

99% of newbies ask if they can play at 14; I or others direct them at the FAQ. The FAQ does say many good things, specially the Newbie guide, but on the law side ALL of us are in a grey area. Pick something enforceable. I do.

They dont read the FAQ, they even refuse the read it after being pointed to it (we saw that this week), and then they refuse to accept the rules they just read. Yes, those idiots WILL run the streets, most likely. But they cant say they came here and were not told the right information. They just chose to be dumb as bricks.

No, there is no way to stop them from being stupid.

Find a real workable solution and I'll be first in line to help.

(Edited after an intelligent private discussion with Spleen).
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