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I agree with lucky on the subject that threads get closed because 'its already been tried'

its an airsoft site. let people talk about airsoft, you guys do, do a GREAT job at moderating the forums, but sometimes, in certain cases you either A) act way too quickly, not even giving the thread a chance, or B) let things slide a little far.
(and i mean that from a first hand experience where i was flamed for about a week and a half because of my personal email address) but that doesnt really matter. to the mods and admins of ASC, i respect you guys a lot, and if you did start charging membership fees for the site, i would definatly contribute, and im sure a lot of others would too.

i think if we play our cards right, and get the ball rolling on some things, us CANADIAN airsofters can get atleast something small accomplished. im not saying anything is easy, or that it can be done instantly. im just doing what probably most have you have spent time doing.... thinking, on ideas that could possibly make airsoft legal. im going to bring this up in the next law discussion we have at my work (we have them often, and theyr are lawyers, and local MPs that show up) and im going to see what they have to say on things. and i know our MP would help stand for it, he's asked me to bring him to a game on more than one occasion.

but hey, who am i to make a difference by saying just one person...
*boo hoo hoo*
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