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Originally Posted by Droc
Originally Posted by Grave
ok currently it only has an effective range of 20 feet
20 feet!?!?! holy jeepers! Wild man on the loose!
One 12 gram Co2 Cartrige + heavy duty, vertical spin upon leaving the barrel + launch difficulties + straight line firing, not on a upward angle = 20 foot effective range so far. That's pretty good considering everything going against it.

Once we get the round flying straight and true that will help. Add some more Co2 cartriges, and you've got more range and power. Aim it on a 45 degree angle and you have more range... need I go on?

Once again I call attention to the fact these are test firings to see if we can get it to launch at all. Accuracy, range, power and most importantly saftey come later we have to be able to reliably launch the damn thing first.
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