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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Hey, believe it or not, if anyone finds a solution I'll be a happy man. No joke, no sarcasm, I mean it.
I've never doubted that.

Originally Posted by Greylocks
Heck, just look at the idiot who decided to post porn for the last 20-plus minutes in the general section. If that is not ammo to make this site 18+ and age-verified only, I dont know what is.
Which is why we should have a mud room with a closed door separating new guests from the living quarters. You're not allowed in (or not allowed to post) until you've met certain requirements and acknowledged those requirements. By all means, keep the board open for all to read and so that Google can still grab ASC content.

Originally Posted by Greylocks
If newbies read the FAQ, and I mean at least the Newbie Guide, there would be less problems.
If parents did the same, the problems would be far lower. But they dont, not unless they get semi-forced to do it.
I agree and I think that is enforceable from a technical point of view. And if someone acknowledges that they've read it and still post stupid questions, you move the stupid questions back to the mud room, and let those who are willing to be patient sort it out while the party still continues in the living room.
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