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ok currently it only has an effective range of 20 feet (if you can get it to fire) and right now in its state it could only be used as an anti-armour weapon. I'm attempting to give the round some sort of spin like rifling (but its way to hard carve out rifling inside the tube), so i could use some help on that right now. Once we get the round to move then I'll start working on angle regulators and dessent speed regulators(ie. parachute).

p.s. I'm sorry for my bad grammer in my first post, I just didn't really think about it mattering too much but now I'll do my best to reach your par.

EDIT: And it is far away from completion so I admit it is still quite dangerouse but it shall not be fired at anybody or anywhere near anybody until it is completed and proven safe!! SO PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE A BROKEN RECORD PLAYER AND REPEATING THAT!!
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