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This has actually been on our "to do" list for the Sudbury area. We've been pecking away at getting an official site setup and once the paperwork clears one of the first things we intend to do is to get a few of our more trustworthy members to speakw ith the local law enforcement (both municipal and the RCMP station that's a 5 min walk up the street from where I live). Explain the sport, show them the paperwork, etc.

It's been a big thing personally to me to make sure that we convey the best image possible to the community, to the point I'm hoping to get our airsoft group partaking in other events within the city as a goodwill thing (don't know how many will be up for that mind you :P)

But yes, educating local law enforcement, having a list of registered members, etc. so they know who you are 'responsible' for, etc. is an important thing. If they see the airsoft community as a whole is being responsible and safe we're less likely to take heat because of the actions of a few outsiders who only want to cause trouble.
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