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I changed it to Age Verified temporarily to work out some issues with the Gallery.

Originally Posted by Rumpel Felt
It just did though.

Which makes little sense to me as having a gallery to boast about your stuff and paint and help paint a picture of what we are all about (many pictures show we are guys just having fun not terrorists) is kind of pointless when only those who already know what's in there can look at it.

Other theories?
Unfortunately, people see only what they want to see. Even if there are photos of us having "fun" - anyone can make us out as "terrorists" if they wanted to. As well, there are countless of retarded pictures in there too that needs to be weeded out. I just haven't had the time lately.

One of the main points for Age Verified users to access the gallery was so that we know who's accessing it. Anyone can register a dummy account to access the Gallery if they wanted to - thus Age Verification allows us to know who's actually accessing it and for what purpose.

But anyway, as I've said - this restriction is only temporary until I get a couple things sorted out.
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