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Padded Room

Originally Posted by Droc
As much as I agree with going easy on noobs, once the sass comes out, I say give them the boot... IMHO, alot of the time, a grilling is a good way to toss them on the right track.
Your welcome to be in here everyday pumping out huge paragraphs to spoon feed the minors, but your going to be at it all day, everyday. So far you tossed out over 1,000 words spoon feeding this kid...You going to do that with everyone?
Droc, its easy. If a noob post like that annoys you - simply don't respond to it. It takes as much effort to come up with creative flaming as it does to help someone.

I am saying if you're choosing to respond to it, do so productively. It can be simple as saying "Please read these FAQs first and then ask any questions not covered in them." and post the links. It can be a canned response that you just cut and paste, which takes no time at all, its a computer after all. In fact I am making one up right now that I intend to use from now on.

Is it frustrating? Yes, it is, I agree. Its a huge pain in the ass. But you are dealing with kids, some of them very young even for their age. I come from a Scouting background and deal with Beaver, Cub and Scout aged children and teens, and this is par for the course. Being a 39 year old airsofter and a father of three and a volunteer in several other community organizations, I recognize the need for mentorship here. Perhaps you don't want to do that, and thats fine, but it needs to be done to some degree.

I'll say it again to emphasize, because I think this point is important - this sport/community is NOT growing and in many places it is shrinking because we are essentially eating our children. And when we don't go out of our way to direct these inquiries properly, we force them to seek out cliques within the community that sell to minors and hold backyard/construction site skirmish events that ultimately can get them hurt, and when the police get involved, reflect badly on airsoft. So, this effort up front pays dividends down the road.
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