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Originally Posted by smith_mincha
hey guys,
be nice, I am extreamly responsible with my airsoft guns. I treat them as if they where loaded firearms at all times. And dont banish them in public.
Ahem, "brandish" is the word. Banishing means the same as banning. Lol, sorry, couldn't resist.

Hey, topic at hand, ok, the 16 year old aspect, there are a few vet players who were smart about their start in airsoft at a young age and have become respected players, just they are few and far between. Greylocks is quite familiar with one young player in particular, Deftonius, and Grey was pretty much a mentor of Deffy in the early days. Just pointing out that Greylocks isn't even close to being as much of asn asshole as some people feel he is. And this coming from someone who got a LOT of advice early on from Grey without bs. Mind you, I started airsoft at the age of 31, so I didn't have to deal with the age card, just the maturity one. I think I passed.
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