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Originally Posted by Mountie
Hey folks!
Wanted to stop in and say 'hey' to all my Canadian brethren.
I have been living in Florida for over a year and a half, and I have gotten heavily involved in airsoft down here. I built myself an H&K 94 (full auto) out of an MP5. It shoots around 400 fps which is the max limit in many games I play here. (indoor limits are 350 fps)
It is an easy thing to buy an aeg here, as airsoft has a great presense in the US, but as you also probably know, other firearms are easy to come by as well... (The NRA at work! lol)
There was recently a game in N. Florida which took place at a military training mock city, an urban playround. There are many 'jungle' and c.q.b. games all over as well, including hotels scheduled for demolition.
Check out for my brother in law's website and store. There is a forum and links to free videos of some of our games.

I have been repairing and upgrading these things since I started playing, and have probably cracked open close to a hundred rifles. I hope to learn more and to possibly offer my help to anyone here needing it.
I am originally from Alberta; my last residence being Calgary for 5 years.
Got the name 'Mountie' given to me by my squad, for obvious reasons. LOL!
Anyway, hope to hear from y'all!

Im pretty sure there is an entire thread devoted to saying hello.

like here

Hope your ready for your ride on the flame train
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