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Originally Posted by shadow1911
Nice to know that not ever one is against us. But it begs the question of why more of us are not educating the local law enforcement on what airsoft is. I am willing to bet you put a gbb beretta in there hands, and they will not only support our sport they will play it as well. I am willing to bet we could drag that constable to a game and he would enjoy ever minuet of it. And it would help make him a better RCMP officer knowing how to think on ones feet.
I think this is an excellent idea. I would support and help with an initiative like this. Here is what I would suggest,

A couple of Airsofters in each area contact the local law enforcement stations and have a meeting with interested officers. Bring a variety of gear and equipment so as to properly demonstrate our sport. Kit should include at least 1 assault rifle, 1 handgun, communications equipment, a BDU or equivelent, proper eye protection, a copy of a game senario and rules and code of conduct.

These regional reps could be picked by local players, we'd need people who can speak intelligently and not get defensive about the subject. The intent would be to familiarize the officers with the sport and encourage them to join us for a game or even take up the sport.

I realize some people will get upset with the fact that I the sport be out in the open, only those who are afraid will try to stop you, and that goes for both sides.

How do you get people to handle guns with respect and caution?, educate them how do you get people to learn tolerance of the unknown? educate them.
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