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Originally Posted by thephenom
If a terrorists or some known criminals were driving across the borders, would their cars be the biggest weapons instead of some small tiny 9mm?

If that was the case, a border guard carrying a glock would be pretty useless. Perhaps they should be issued RPGs? :???:
Have you ever even HELD a Glock? Fired a .40?

Is it acceptable to ignore multiple scenarios where arming border guards is appropriate due to the innefectiveness of the control against a select few of those scenarios? Of course not.

Hundreds of thousands of handguns are worn every day on the street, and surprisingly, we aren't stepping over dead bodies. They're worn by police officers and armed guards, who generally have far LESS training and experience than your average target-shooting civillian. Cops aren't supermen or superwomen, they're people just like everyone else. If they can be trained to safely carry a firearm, and certified to do so, why can't a border guard who swore the same oath as that police officer?
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what if it model after his?
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