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Originally Posted by beta
Ah, yes, i remember that now, one of the reviews that pushed me towards getting the ICS AK in the first place 8)

You might not remember still, but did you notice any difference in construction quality of the CA mags, were they lighter, different metal, did they flex at all, or in any other way feel less sturdy than the TM mags? One last thing, when you sold/traded/got rid of your CA mags, were they in good condition, did you use them a lot, how did they hold up?

Sorry for all the questions, just trying to avoid spending another $400 + on magazines if possible, heh.
The Marui mags were a shiny, black finish vs. the CA were a matte grey finish. Other than that, performance was the same, build quality was the same, fit was the same.

Funny thing was, at the time of the review, I had a Marui AK-47, a CA SLR105A1 and the ICS AK. The mags all fit best in the ICS gun, even the CA hicap and all the lows. I never had a single issue with fit or feeding.

Both Marui and CA mags showed wear, paint scratches and dings from use. Neither was impervious to that.
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