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Review Request - CA AK-47 70 Round Magazine

My apologies if this has already been made, I did a few searches in the various sub-forums but couldn't find anything about this.

I'd like some feedback on these new mags from CA. From outward appearances they seem to be TM clones, but what I would really like to know is if they will stand up as well as TM mags do.

I am a bit skeptical since they are $20 cheaper ... that money had to have been cut from something, I am hoping it was profit to the company :-D

If possible, I'd like to know how the fit is with the various AK models (TM, CA, ICS), but mainly just interested in it's fit with the ICS AK-74M. Currently have an aging supply of TM mags and am looking into some new stock. I want mags that are rugged and reliable, I've tried STAR AK-74 type real caps ... they don't feed too well and feel as if they will break too easily. In fact, just at the last game I played I had a rather quick descent to the ground while under fire, consequently knocking the wind out of me due to all 8 of my mags smashing against my rib cage ("prone diving" hurts by the way ...). I don't think plastic mags would be able to stand up to this kind of punishment repeatedly, and I'm surely going to be doing this again.

I would really appreaciate any sort of review of this mag, and if it turns out no one has actually bought and used any, I guess I'll be the test subject.
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