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Originally Posted by Spas-Tick22
this is retarded, our guys dont have guns...but what is probably more retarded is the americans would let some armed guy cross there boarder. hell there guards are armed to the teeth (trust me i just came over thew aldergrove on today and had to stop in the american office, M4's line a whole wall, and EVERY guard has a Sig strapped to there belt with a vest on, even the guys ion the stations that let you through have rifles, y the hell is there so much of a ruckus? all we need to do is put up some sort of barrier (like bear claws in the road that are remote controlled) and leave it to the americans to shoot up.
Interesting, last time I went through that crossing, yes there were M4's but the U.S. customs agents were packing .40 S&W Beretta 96's, not Sig's. When did this happen!!!! Sigs are ugly! At least with the Beretta I got something to look at on my way over. :lol:
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