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While I appreciate the efforts you undertook I think it is very important to point out that you're making a potentially dangerous generalization with your conclusion.

Originally Posted by PTE. Pyle
Basically as far as the Surrey RCMP are concerned they donít give 2 shits what we do as long as we are being responsible.


So to sum it all up we do not have to worry about being raided at a game or having any issues if we get pulled over heading to or from a game by the Surrey RCMP.
That is how it ought to read, because you can not make such a broad statement about an entire agency of tens of thousands of people by speaking to one constable at one detachment. It's good that the ones in your area are friendly towards you and the sport, however to say that the entire country is immune from persecution because of your conversation with a couple of cops in your own area is ridiculous.
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