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Hopefully this can/will ease some peoples mind of the future of airsoft.

Ok so I know this interview with a cop has been done before, however in light of all the recent events and the wondering/fear that we may be approached at a game by members of the police, I decided to talk to the cops. I spoke with an RCMP Constable from the surrey detachment. I spent almost an hour with him brought my guns for him to look at in the event he was unfamiliar with airsoft, I educated him on what we are about, what we play and a little bit about the community. I then simply asked him as far as the police are concerned if he sees anything wrong with airsoft as a sport or if we are in fact breaking any laws. In witch he responded Ďas long as we (the community) are playing in a responsible manor, at a designated area he and the RCMP as a whole have no concerns with airsoft and the ownership or replica firearmsí. In addition he stated am I know everyone here is aware but if replica firearms are used in any type of assault or crime that you will be charged exactly the same as if it was a real firearm, also regarding storage, due to the fact airsoft weapons are not real firearms there are now requirements on storage or transportation., now storing them in a locked gun case is going above and beyond what their/his expectations would be in a situation where he was presented with someone transporting their guns.

Basically as far as the police are concerned they donít give 2 shits what we do as long as we are being responsible. They have no desire to ban airsoft/enforce any ban if it came down to that, on in anyway harass us for playing our sport.

On a side note the constable seamed very interested in airsoft even spending several minutes looking/playing with my guns. Had several of his colleges look at them and remarked at how amazingly realistic they were. He looked at several pictures and seamed genuinely interested in our sport.

So to sum it all up we do not have to worry about being raided at a game or having any issues if we get pulled over heading to or from a game. As long as we are being responsible and not acting in any aggressive or subjective manor we are just fine. So for everyone thinking we are not safe and will become targets we need not worry.

Now if only the customs guys could be this reasonable.
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