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That's almost as silly as having anti-materiel rifles in the towers at max jails, to shoot vehicles of escaping prisoners. Oh wait, they do have those...

I would probably be easier to have a spike strip that folds into the road, though. Car runs the checkpoint you pop up the spikes. The sidearms would be for personal protection.

"AV8RJOE I work right across the street from a major border crossing. Looking at some of the people they employ, not to mention the summer students they use, I wouldn't arm HALF of them. Thay would have to be even more vigilant in their screenings before they start handing out sidearms."

Well clearly inferior specimens such as them deserve to be dead then. Don't know why they don't just accept it, instead of demanding the tools to defend their lives. After all the major precept of a free society is that 'we know what's best for you', or was that Stalinist Russia...
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