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Originally Posted by shadow1911
Border guards should have the same equipment at there disposal as the police do.

What good is having some one guard a border if they do not have the proper equipment to do it effectively. Academic exercise.

If I am an armed aslant and they go to search my car. I am going to pull out my 45 and blow the guard away. Then just drive on. And to put to the point nothing can stop me. I got a gun. They cant kill a man with a gun with out a gun.

Minimum they should have a pair of snipers per point that can take out armed assailants if need be. One with an anti material rifle to take out engine blocks. The other with a decent sniper that can get threw glass and kill.

Up until now I thought border guards were armed with c7s and military grade trained.

that would be a snipers nightmare, im not a pro, but I know that they would have no vantage point, they would need to know each and every make and model to get an idea where the block was. they would have a hell of a time making sure they can get the driver, without hitting passangers, or other civies around the car.
no offenc, but thats the worst idea I have ever heard of, its just not possible
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