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Originally Posted by Greylocks
There is only one solution, and that is not popular here at all; 18+ for EVERYTHING. For guns, supplies, games, and posting on forums.
Until then, reading is not blocked.

That, wether you guys like it or not, is the only solution that has a legal chance of working. We ALL enforce it, or the government will enforce it for us.

Criminals get access to real guns, regardless of existing laws and community self-policing. Likewise, anyone could get access to airsoft guns despite any community-imposed laws, OR government-imposed restrictions.

Politicians have been passing laws for generations that have nothing to do with addressing root cause, but to convey an appearance of action. How would regulating ourselves to exclude anyone under 18 contribute in any way to preventing the prevalence of irrational logic as applied by a politician seeking re-election? Those making these decisions are neither part of our community nor likely to ascede to anything we say in support of it, rather they see our sport as illegitimate and politically incorrect thus a legitimate target for the ban hammer.

To be clear, I'm not in favor of any action that places unneccessary restrictions on the population under the guise of preventing occurrences that are, generally, negligible when compared to real and present dangers. As stated by Lawdog in a previous thread:

Originally Posted by Lawdog
One of the central defining principals of a democracy is that the liberty of the citizen should only be curtailed where it is demonstrably justified.
Is there any demonstrable justification that banning replicas reduces crime? When used in an offence, airsoft guns (or a pointy gun-shaped stick for that matter) are classified as firearms for prosecution purposes. Has this fact deterred criminals from using them during the commission of an offence? Have existing gun laws prevented criminals from carrying, brandishing and discharging illegally-obtained unregistered guns that are transported illegally, stored unsafely and used outside the contraints of a lawfully-aquired ATT to commit MURDER?

What benefit would any further restrictions on replica weapons serve the general public, and at what expense to those who use them legally? The answer is none, but that's not the politically correct response that's more likely to be envoked by a city official.

A suggestion was also made to cover airsoft guns under the PAL/RPAL process and to classify guns as one or the other; why should innefective and ill-conceived rules that were designed as bandaid solutions to perceived problems be considered as acceptable measures to control access to TOYS?

Anyone who thinks that licensing in ANY form prevents crime should think twice, or perphaps make a donation to Wendy's gun control crusade.
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what if it model after his?
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