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Can't... get... rid... of... these... munchies.

It's actually the same garbage from last time, I just keep forgetting where I stash it.

ASCA was not affected by the seizures in BC, as we have no connection to XP.
Emails and PMs may not get replied to for a very long time as we are swamped with work right now, but it's still business as usual, roughly - we will be delaying our order cycle a for a few weeks however, to make sure that all our paperwork is in order and there are no new customs issues (I don't expect there to be any, however).

Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
I heard he grew a Beard and is hiding out in a cheap Hotel in Bankok... something about underage girls and video tapes.
Then you made you love to 2 Bangkok women and a man.

You mean 3 Bangkok women! ...

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