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Originally Posted by Imperial Guard
I believe most of us (including me) are in favour of lying low for now. But think about it folks, if real guns are legal in this country, why should airsoft be outlawed?

I'd suggest, if the crackdown still continues for an extended period of time, then we, as citizens and comrades in airsoft, should organize an active campaign to make the public and politicians aware of the true nature of airsoft. People are generally afraid of what they don't understand, and it for sure won't help if we continue to bend over and take it in the a$$.

IF the cops continues the raids and crackdown, to a level that ordinary airsofters cannot continue playing, I believe the admins across the country should meet up online and organize the campaign. If we are going to lose this sport and lose our collection, we might as well put up a good fight.

Of course, none of us wants to see the day come. However, when it is upon us, I'll be the first one to volunteer to do something. *I'm not in panic, just concerned with the recent trend.*
I have been following this and keeping up with all these threads, and locked threads since it all started, and Just in case anyone is interested, here is simply an opinion from someone who know's better than 95% of you how it truly works.

First, just so it's clear. Rangers/DEA were NOT at any time raided, or shut down. We chose to move on to other things in our lives some time ago.

Second, all those saying "the sky is falling"..... well from my knowledge of things and my viewpoint right now, it is this time. Will airsoft in Canada pull through? I think it can at some point, yes, however, it may very well need something like mentioned above to make that happen.

Third, why did this all happen now? Simply because it's politics. Someone, somewhere in the political circle of this country who had a personal hard-on for airsoft, gained enough power to manupulate the CBSA. There is soooo much no one understands about the inside working of what these retailers had to go through on a daily basis to keep this sport alive for all of you guys. The whole thing was a cat/mouse game all the time. It was a constant battle of CFA and Customs simply making up their own rules, and the retailers trying to counter act their bullshit to keep things rolling!

Do I think they will go so far as to worry about ASC forums? Hell no. Do I think they will worry about raiding games? Hell no! But simply MY opinion based on my dealing with these people all these years! I think they will worry about going after, and shutting down the main players only. Once that has happened, they SHOULD be satisfied, and it should start to blow over. At that time, somehow, the re-building will need to start!

In my opionion, Customs alone is the largest crime syndicate this country has today. Not only have I heard like all the rest of us has, but seen first hand, with my own eyes, customs break the laws of this country, and freely get away with it. Why do they get away with it? Because they can. They have to much power, no one to police them, and no one has the resources or will to get the public to rise up fight back! I certainly would not have hundreds of thousands of $$ to try and prove their lies, made up laws, and their bullshit they heap on the little guys EVERY DAY.

Anyways, I am getting off topic a bit, and allowing my personal feelings to get off track here So all I was really trying to tell you guys is that this IS more serious than it has EVER been. This WILL be a large blow to this sport. This is NO ONE'S fault (any of the retailers) except our own f*****D up Canadian laws, and instead of concentrating so much on pictures on some message board, maybe you should start thinking about how this sport can start to be re-built after this storm passes. Absolutely, they COULD be on these boards, and they could be reading this post. Hell, I COULD get a visit due to this post at my house in the next week, but as you can tell, not too worried about that! (And if it happens, I will be the first to post it here, and let you know!!) :cheers:

And that is simply an opinion from a x-"mouse" :salute: Take it or leave it! Agree with it, or don't. It's a semi free Country :grin:
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