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I believe most of us (including me) are in favour of lying low for now. But think about it folks, if real guns are legal in this country, why should airsoft be outlawed?

I'd suggest, if the crackdown still continues for an extended period of time, then we, as citizens and comrades in airsoft, should organize an active campaign to make the public and politicians aware of the true nature of airsoft. People are generally afraid of what they don't understand, and it for sure won't help if we continue to bend over and take it in the a$$.

IF the cops continues the raids and crackdown, to a level that ordinary airsofters cannot continue playing, I believe the admins across the country should meet up online and organize the campaign. If we are going to lose this sport and lose our collection, we might as well put up a good fight.

Of course, none of us wants to see the day come. However, when it is upon us, I'll be the first one to volunteer to do something. *I'm not in panic, just concerned with the recent trend.*
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