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Originally Posted by Korneil
If you are building an artillery piece, maybe you should build a system that would prevent fire below a certain level, as said by
Originally Posted by tunabreath
To prevent direct hits, the launcher can have a safety gimbal that would prevent firing below 45 degrees or something.
As for the ammunition it self if launched as an inderect fire, you could insert a parachute to slow the fall of it either all the way down or low enough to let it fall freely at a safe speed for its weight. You could also include in the ammunition a system that would make it "detonate" so that it spreads BB all over an area. This last system, combined with a parachute would render the ammo pretty much safe, don't you think?
I know this seems complicated but for safety sake I believe it is doable.
It's definatly an Idea... we'd need to increas the power output of the Co2 Rocket to get it high enough... but we were gonna need to do that anyways. As it is it more resembles a recoiless rifle (keep in mind this is all still in the testing stages.)

I'm trying to think of a way to load multiple Co2 Cartriges into one projectile so that they provide more power. The problem isn't fitting the Cartridges... it's setting all the F**king things off at once!
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