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And once again ASC comes down on an Idea like a ton of bricks... what part of "testing stage" was not read? I know the grammar sucks but come on people it's not that hard to get.

Basically we need to get the thing to fire first before we attempt to make it safer. Grave had the Idea of making the Co2 cartridge eject imediatly after leaving the barrel (and burning out so it doesn't fly off on it's own) which would lighten the payload and reduce risk of injury.

Basically this all boils down to the same problem with conventional air cannons that have been considered for use as arty... what kind of round is safe to fire at people? It's the same problem no matter what kind of propellent you use. You can't nail it to the cross soely on the principal it's "rocket-based".

How about some constructive critisim instead of playing "stick the hot brand on the newb"?
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