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i dont think thats entirley true, if there is no need, the system we have works, so why come up with ideas to fix it? sure there are always ways to improve something, but are they always neccissary?

now if our sport was actually, genuineley in danger, this site would become the hub of airsoft conservation like arnies did in the uk. but as it stands now sure recent events are comeing close to our comfort zone, but so far the governmet hasnt made any "hostile" threat/acitions our way. after all it is Harper, and hes not one to get hair brained ideas and jump on the band wagon, or we'd be pulling out or afganistan already, and i feel that hed be the only government to actually sit down with an appointed airsoft rep and discuss us, and actually even play. to date harper has granted more personal meetings with civilians than any other pm prior.
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