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thephenom "Good job on the Brits' part. Now only if we can pull off the same thing in Canada, but then there hasn't been any bill propsed to ban airsoft yet."

-I doubt we could pull anything off, seeing how the moderators will delete any thread hinting of what you mention, as 'provocative' and 'redundant of past efforts'.

"Because there isn't a proposed bill on the matter yet in Canada. The British airsofters were going against a bill; not asking the gov't to define a new category for airsoft."

-One could 'go against' the CFA, "Firearms Act 1995, c. 39". If you think about it, that's the main problem, it introduces un-necessary regulations. Why not have it amended or struck down, and then there'd be no prohibited category for 'replicas', and thus no problem? Furthermore, you'd have all firearms owners along, not just airsofters. Other items are stupidly banned, like 'silencers' and 'normal capacity magazines', causing deafness and nuisance respectively.

neir "That should allow everyone to ease up a little about the recent events in canada."
-You're kidding, right? You trust British politicians? Ordinary ones are bad, but British ones are disgusting! To prove that BSE (incurable brain-eating disease) didn't exist (it did) they happily used children for photo-ops, eating the foods which caused BSE. (sausage and hamburger are worst, especially if they don't clean the saw blades after cutting spine and brain). The Brits are pooched, airsoft WILL be banned, no if's and's or but's. It's a country which is prohibiting the ownership of knives, and arrests grandmothers who swear at yobs trespassing on their lawns. The whole country thinks 1984 wasn't just a book but an attainable goal.

deep in the bush "I don't think "easy" was the word for required a TON of lobbying...also tons and tons of MONEY."

It is NOT hard and NOT expensive to change policy. So few people care, and so many people are lazy that very few people can get great deal's done. Lobbiests don't work for millions, they work for and with thousands. On a one-sided issue like airsoft, when no major group is actively 'against' it, lobbying would be a walk in the park. Even without hiring a lobbiest (which would be efficient and affordable, divided among membership) if each member simply e-mailed or posted a form-letter, one that they only had to add their name to, then you could get results instantly. Official responses would happen within a week, when 10,000 voices are heard. There are easy ways to get petitions going, even to quickly and easily get media coverage, and influence public opinion.

But, like I said, it's not allowed on this site to discuss such things, so forget I mentioned them.
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