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Um...who is peter kang?
before you get flamed : Its the owner of 007 airsoft, and if you had read the whole post you'd know, the one who litterally brought airsoft to Canada, if I'm wrong flame me.

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I assume the other greedy retailers that got busted were fools too? Or are they just good guys that were raided for no reason?

It's not just him.
Everyone who was raided was directly tied to him. Read again what I said about which act the CBSA can enforce. If it were anything beyond an importation issue it would've been handled by a different agency.

My guess? They're the ones who ordered X amount of guns from Kang and CBSA went there to take them away. The ones who didn't receive anything in this latest (seized) shipment have not been raided, they've just closed up preemptively. Customs isn't shutting down retailers, they're seizing the guns Kang sent them.

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if he stuck to the law we wouldn't have to worry about it
That's my take on the situation.

We pride ourselves on being law-abiding, responsible airsofters, but how conveniently we forget and forgive someone when it suits our purposes. You can't have your cake and eat it too folks.
your take on the situation is nothing more then rumors. Kang has been getting us(maby not you, but the rest of us) guns reliably for years. Not only is he one of the people who helped bring airsoft in Canada, but he kept it going when the going got tough, long before you or I were doing this. The details around whats happened with Kang over the past year is jumbled and not concrete.

Get off your flame-train.