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Originally Posted by Droc
just as an example, Ill pick this pic, posted in our gallery by Korneil.


In light of recent events, should we be more descrete with out images? Should we archive and remove our gallery for the time being?
Should we only allow images from games and put a stop to the in-home posing?

EDITED by Korneil
I dont really like being compared to Kimveer Gill, but I do get the point of Droc and I tend to agree with him that we need to take some actions.

We need to inform the people that come on this forum that airsoft is a sport, though we don't need to go out and tell every one in the streets. I add my voice to a clear and obvious disclaimer statement on the main page, which should remain there forever.

Locking the gallery can be a double edged blade, for the time being it could be good but in the run it could turn against us. If media ever stumble upon this, and it will happen no matter what we do, and they see that we are hiding something, whatever it is, they will think for sure that there is something wrong with airsoft. We have to keep the information on this website as clear as possible and as easy to get as it can be. The only thing worst than misinformation is no information at all.

We have to find solution that will be good for the community for a long period of time, taking decisions to quickly cannot be what we necessarilly want for the future of Airsoft. Temporary measures are not the way to go, we have to think in long term.
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