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Hell I came here from a communist country and every time the liberals say socialism it makes me sick because the communists used that same word to describe the state of Yogoslavia! And that was a place of no freedom, no free say and if you where Catholic or Muslum you where hunted down and killed by Serbian Cetniks! All I see in Canada is freedoms and rights being taken away by the govenerment and the people can not have much say towards it out of fear! This statment is NOT ment to be offensive towards Canada or Canadians and you can take this any way you want, I came to this country out of my own free will and for the most part would reather not be any where else but I want to state that some action needs to be taken befor we all get shaft for having a hobby, being a member of a religion or what ever, where dose it stop? Banning replica guns is got going to lower any kind of crime and banning the real ones is just going to make gun runners smile from the tidy profit they are going to make selling illegal guns to canadians and the gun crimes is just going to be in the same shape it is now, just that the media is not going to report it! Being scared that the media is going to put a bad spin on airsoft will happen regarless, in communism the media said what the govenorment told them what to say to the people, and thats what I'm seeing here as well, remember the pitbull ban? Didn't hear much about it then all of a sudden it seemed like every pitbull went nuts and started killing people and the govenerment steped in to save the day and banned pitbulls and now the media don't say shit about and every one thinks every thing is safe, what a load of shit that is. They won't try to ban Honda Civics for street racing and the kill count that goes with that because of the power and money Honda have and they will fight the govenerment tooth and nail on that one and win so the govenerment needs to attack things where they think there will be little defence like us the airsofters and make them selfs look good to the rest like they are doing some kind of good that is really just bullshit! I'm not going to say the sky is falling but it don't look regardless! Some thing is going to have to be done just for our own general freedom as Citizens of Canada! You want to hear some really scary shit, I work at York University and that place is nothing but hardcore leftys and over hearing the stuff they say, Liberals don't beleave that "the comman person is intelligent enough to make decisions for them selfs and the govenerment needs to make them for us and tell us what is right and wrong!" Thats fucken Communism!!!! We have to step up to the plate and defend our selfs, our freedoms and our rights because no one is going to do it for us and the govenerment don't give two shits about the people! This not just about Airsoft!

End of Rank , if you have any problems with any of that then PM your flames instead of messing up good thread! I'll be sitting back and finisihing my bottle of gin and waitting for any PMs!

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