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Originally Posted by Pip
This is just getting fucked up, for those who keep spouting "The sky is falling" crap, shut it, its nice that you have great retail options in East and Central Canada, but for us folk who live out on the west...i don't know about the rest of you but with airsoft prices already sky high compared the the rest of the world, adding the cost of shipping from the other side of the continent and an almost definate hike in prices will make this already expensive sport almost fucking insane....i'm more than willing right now to spend $600/700 on a new AEG...but what if that price jumps to close to a grand!?

Sorry just a rant that needed to be personal offence meant to anyone in particular....just think we are getting the royal ass shafting out here in BC right now...
They are going end up coming down on us here in the east sooner or later!
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