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Well heres the thing, airsoft is played the world over (except for Australia afaik). There have been bombings all over europe, most recently the UK and Spain...we all know about 9/11, and as far as eastern europe goes, anyone with a slight knowledge of history will know they haven't had the most peaceful of times in the last 20-30 years....Canada on the other hand has had no major terrorist attack, and only a handful of school shootings. So why in the hell is everyone so damned scared? I can't seem to figure it out...

I know a while back there was talk of sending a letter to the government informing them of what airsoft was and such, does anyone know if that went through? And if so what was the response? Personally i think we should lobby to have airsoft declared and defined isn't the time obviously, but it might be something to work on. If we look at the guys over in the UK as an example, they didn't oppose the ban on airsoft by sitting around complaining. Preventative measures might be a course of action to look at in the near future....anywhoo. Let me know what you guys think...
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