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Originally Posted by Gryphon
Originally Posted by mcguyver
Let's face it, if he was never around, half or more of the folks would not be on this site as they would have no guns and no reason to be here.

Most of the guns I've owned over the years have came by way of him.

Sure he imported alot, way more than his license would allow. But where did they go? to other retailers mostly, and then to our hands.
But that doesn't mean I ought to kneel down and suck him off. None of the new guns I've purchased ever came though him. As a result of his actions others are now feeling the effects, as he bit off more than he could chew. You think he would have learned after the third or fourth raid.

To call him the godfather of airsoft is fair, but that doesn't undo what's just happened.
If Kang is gone for good, where will the guns to supply the ever-growing market come from? I doubt new licenses will be issued, Mark is not going to want to end up like the others, nor will ASCA, so supply will be limited to what they want to risk bringing in.

I think the days of getting whatever gun you want are gone. You'll now have to wait for a special order, or take what's available and re-make it or live with it.

We had it pretty good up until now. But what has happened was inevitable at some point.

I think that new guys wanting guns are just going to eat up supply like we wouldn't have ever believed.

Whatever Kang has or hasn't done has both fueled and flamed airsoft in Canada. He walked the tightrope, made it happen, then fell.

If you thought guns were expensive before, wait.......
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