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Originally Posted by Grave
i've desinged and tested my own arty w/ rocket ammo. i used a 12gram co2 cartrage to proppel the round. the catriage usually burns out very shortly after leaving the barrel so theres no danger of it diflecting off of something and flying into somebodys face. it fires from a large 6 foot long pvc pipe and loads in the back then i close the butt cap which has a nail in it which when hit with a hammer punchures the co2 cartrage in the center of its nozzel. well heres the design. i left out allot of small details that make it work correctly but this is the basic design.
Now me and Talraga have test fired it many times and the problems with it are: fully punchuring the cartriage, making the hole on a 90 degree angle and making the hole in the dead center. Well i'll exept and feedback with open arms, thanks.
Your project is dangerous and is likely to hurt someone, begone.
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Only mall ninja poseur attention-whores go around wearing full kit outside the field.
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