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*JUGGLEZ* Private Message Confirmation Does Not Work?

I sent Jugglez two messages just less than 1 minute ago.

I noticed that it does not show in the Confirmation part for Private Msgs...

After sending him 2 messages, this is what my private messages says.

"You have 140 confirmed and 0 unconfirmed private message receipts."
I checked that part and it doesn't show anything. It doesnt show the last few messages I sent him. In both confirmed and unconfirmed...

It shows in the sent box I have sent him the two messages but the messages dont show up on the confirmation page.

Is he reading the messages automatically when I send them to him? Or is it that the confrimation system is messed up?

I bought some metal goodies for my 4.3 Hi-Capa from him. A stainless outer barrel + recoil spring guide.
I sent him the money already, I just wannna make sure he can msg me back confirming he has receieved the money.

Are my msgs not going thourgh?
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