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Not a bill to ban airsoft... but I can tell you this, in the law, there is a clear part about marui guns being replica :

================================================== ===========
Air Guns and Air Soft Guns
Air guns with a velocity of less than 500 feet per second are not considered firearms for licensing and registration purposes. For most other purposes, however, these air guns are considered to be firearms rather than replicas if their projectiles can cause serious injuries. Air guns that look like real firearms but that cannot cause serious injury fit the definition of a replica. In some cases, ballistic studies may be necessary to determine if a particular air gun can cause serious injury.

Some devices commonly known as "air soft" guns may qualify as replica firearms. For example, following a thorough assessment and a review of ballistic studies, the Chief Scientist for Firearms at the RCMP's Central Forensic Laboratory has determined that a line of electric guns, spring guns and gas-powered guns produced by the Tokyo Marui company are replica firearms because:

They closely resemble real firearms in size, colour, appearance and configuration, and
The projectiles that they fire are not likely to cause serious bodily injury.
Again, various makes and models may have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
================================================== ===========

As per another document, it says that you are allowed to keep a replica if you had it before december 1st 1998... I don't know for everybody, but that is not the case for all my guns...

Please no need to flame, I just added what I found. All documents were taken on the RCMP fireamrs center website :

With all things considered, I think it would be good if we could pull the same thing off in canada.

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