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I think we should try a 'Identity verification'.

Which would be open to minors AND their non-airsofting parents that would give the minor access to all parts of ASC (excluding gun sales/wanted) possibly including accessories.

With that, for you guys that believe minors should be able to read and see the gallary, as well as the minors that are into the sport, we would have what we want, and the website would still be private.

If the identity verification went through, it would also get rid of the possibility of getting screwed in an accessory deal and not know who to chase after.

Anyway, more work, hopefully it makes sense.

(this really only applies to minors because anyone over the age would just go straight to full pledge as normal)

+1 for disclaimer

I had a friend come on and look over the site and had no idea it wasn't dedicated to real steel.
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