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Originally Posted by Opea
Has anyone done a poll to establish the age groups that populate this site? I would go out on a limb to say 17-22 year old males make up a large segment of the airsoft community.
Makes you wonder whatever happen to innocent until proven guilty. Shit, back what I was that age, you didn't restrict someone's rights on the basis that they *might* be an unstable psychopath. Think about this - the country wants to restrict the rights of gun owners and airsoft hobbiests on the basis that .001% of them might be psychopathic. What the ^%($&! is going on in this society? And what is worse is like lambs to the slaughter the public is slowly, voluntarily giving up its freedoms for supposed safety from that .001% - which, when they go psycho, will reach for whatever tool is handy to slaughter people - whats next, hammers? Better ban those too.

North America is fucked. Canada and the US are slowly going down a bad road to travel because history shows once you give up those rights, they never come back without revolution.
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