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If the airsoft community came under the scrutiny of an investigative journalist on a mission, one trip to this, or any of the other airsoft forums, would paint our sport/hobby in a very bad light.

Has anyone done a poll to establish the age groups that populate this site? I would go out on a limb to say 17-22 year old males make up a large segment of the airsoft community.

This age group is also under the microscope in most media circles lately with the increasingly violent assaults, stabbings , fights that go on pretty much in every city and town.

To approach media, legislators, politicians and come under the scrutiny of the rest of the country amidst these crazy times?? To me that equals the end of airsoft.

That being said maybe alien pulse rifles for the win.

Oh, im 43 , work for the public service, airsoft not quite as much as i used to, and really tell no one but the people i airsoft with about my past time. People just dont understand, nor do they want to .

I think I'll just quietly watch what progresses. I have been around long enough to know better than to think politicians care about what makes sense, they care about what keeps their asses in office.

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