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Originally Posted by lyphe
+1 on the age verified gallery, but I think we should take it a step further and completely close the gallery and forum (other then "welcome noobs" section) to the impressionable public. Yes it sounds a little excessive, but if you think about it, if the wrong person comes here it could be the end of the biggest airsoft site/forums in Canada (as far as I know we are), that would only worsen the situation. Worse case scenario, media puts a crazy spin on this; thousands of people across Canada are in some kind of crazy gun-ring.

Yeah maybe Iím over dramatizing, but is the extra effort of closing off the site to public eyes (and search engines) and keeping a low profile for a little bit too much work?

i suggest people take questionable pictures of guns off their msn's, my spaces and any other place you may have put pics up.

this guy knows exactly what i'm talking about

That is exactly why I keep on suggesting 18+ verified across the board. No piece-meal programming. Far simpler to implement. Then you only have to tweak for the inevitable exceptions.
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