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Originally Posted by Kuraitenshi
maybe we are going about this the wrong way. Maybe we should restrict the site and sales according to IQ rather than age.
Good idea, but harder to implement.

I agree with the Gallery Age lock. Simply put it's too easy to google ASC, go into the gallery, see guys with guns and connect the dots in a typical panicky-soccer-mom manner. We need, for the meantime, to keep people we don't know from seeing crap like that.

I also like the idea of a disclaimer on the front page, it may help with the public image. I'd go so far as to post links on the disclaimer pointing people to definitions of airsoft, our stand on it, and what the government stance is. That way any reporter investigating our site cannot exploit loopholes and lack of information. That way even if somone DOES try and nail us to the cross on the news, we can point out right away that we have all the information in plain, big bold text on our front page.

Hell we might even go so far as to sight our paranoia about bad press and why we have it, that way they can't claim we keep to the shadows so we can train to be terrorists. If they do take that aproach, we just point out that we even SAY on the front page "Airsofters tend to keep a low profile because we understand our sport can be badly misunderstood."

Basically, we have to appear as responsible, inteligent, and thoughtfull as possible, while at the same time pointing out that ASC is the BIGGEST airsofting comunity in Canada so we represent the core of Canadian Airsofters (unless I'm greatly mistaken, but then again I've checked for bigger sites on google and ASC always shows up first no matter what combination of "Air, Soft, and Canada" I use.)
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