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Wow, I am appalled at the attitudes of the people here.

By slinking into obscurity, we would only be validating the asinine assumption that there is something shameful about airsofters taking photos of themselves. Hell, there is nothing wrong with taking photos of yourself with real guns, either.

Any reporter trying to make hay out of a bunch of hobbyists playing with harmless airguns that shoot tiny plastic balls would get crucified by the public.

Oh, and for those who are calling for a minimum reading/posting age for the gallery - may I ask what exactly you are hoping to accomplish? First of all, Kimveer Gill was 25. Maybe you are trying to keep minors out of the gallery? If so, for what purpose? Do you think an unstable 15 year old is going to think "damn, if only I could post these photos of myself, I would be able to go through with my school shooting plan - foiled again"? Lastly, if you are trying to keep the gallery from the prying eyes of sensationalist press, don't bother - there is an ocean of airsoft photos available elsewhere on the internet, not to mention that it takes only a modicum of effort to get age verified.

Acting more secretive will only make this harmless hobby seem more suspicious to the uninformed John Q Public.
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