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as much as i think a disclaimer is a good idea, i think it should be something on the main page anyways.

I donno, I assume that we look at ASC as the way a never-heard-of-airsoft-before soccer mom would. A disclaimer on the frontpage may help, one on the gallery may also...But would a disclaimer on changed peoples reactions?

I think the frontpage of ASC, a disclaimer should be posted. Large and bold. something like
"airsoft is a hobbie similar to paintball. Even though the guns look real, they are toy guns and cannot be made to fire real ammunition. ASC promotes a heathy hobby and healthy living."
There should also be a quick summery of what our age verification system.

I also think the basment chairsofting pics should be removed.

Things have gotten much better in the off topic. I expressed my concern in the past over how violent some threads got. Not flaming, but topics about criminals or terrorists where people make posts discussing vigilante actions, torture, etc.

Maby even a sticked topic for anger managment with links to self-help sites or stuff like that...not that we need it, but if its image we are talking about, it may be a responsible thing to do. But thats a bit much.

bah, Id like to see what some of the admins think.
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