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Personally i think a disclamer is a great idea and is relatively easy to do (i assume)...also just to be on the safe side i'd take down anything that could be taken the wrong way. I know it's hard to draw a line there, i mean hell people could see any of the game pics and scream bloody murder (terrorist training etc..we all know the drill). But i aggree that something should be done, even if it is a temp measure.

So far we haven't had any problems, at least to my knowledge, in so far as the gallery images and people browsing...i'm sure we would have heard about it if such an incident had occured. But with the current situation the public and media seem to be on high alert.

As for personal pbase and other picture hosting services, it might be an idea to add a note (if not to the whole album) then to each picture, i've seen numerous people with a note at the top of the page saying briefly that airsoft is harmless and can not be modified to fire real ammunition.

Crazy world we live in right now, but i believe we can weather the storm. Personally i don't think we have anything to be truely worried about, airsoft is harmless in the right hands, and with age verification and self policing in place we are doing our best without the governments help to stop irresponsible use of airsoft. I'm torn between keeping airsoft as an "underground" sport/hobby, and informing the public about what it is we do and how we go about it. It would be nice if we could get the government to be precise in defining airsoft in legislation, making things easier for importation and legal ownership etc...but i don't see that happening any time soon unfortunately.

Either way, right now i think it would be in all our interests to make sure we don't have the media jumping all over ASC and all its members....
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