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I couldn't read this ENTIRE thread, but i will add in my 2c,

I am all for the 18+ restrictions, i've seen too many 14-15-16... year olds with those canadian tire soft air springers that have been painted black to look real and cause shit, there are also thoes ones that get their hands on actuall airsoft guns and they are terrorising people with them and that is wrong and i know everyone will agree with me on that, but while they are trying to ban "replica" guns, actually speaking replica means non firing and clearly our guns fire.

And what about real BB guns, i don't see them trying to ban those, you could walk into canadian tire get one of those CO2 powered hand gun ones that DO look real and have a little mag that holds them shooting at 495 FPS with STEEL bb's but no those are alright? like cmon those things can do WAY more damage then an airsoft gun could ever do and i do believe the media and w/e is looking at those as well but who knows

this is all just a bunch of bullshit, i've been in airsoft for a year now {KAMLOOPS AIRSOFTCLUB represent (lol)} and this is the first time i'm actually worried about the guns i own and about the hundredes of thousands of dollars spent by people on this, like take a look at XP and specarms, they got shut down and we still don't know why, maybe its a CBSA thing for what markham is trying to do and there was 100K plus gone

i'm also all for petitions and "freedom" runs in ottawa and other cities

sorry if this didn't make any sence i am rather tired and hate long "speachs"
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