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Originally Posted by dynomite69
The thing people fear the most is something they don't know and can't see! I'm of two minds on this one Droc. On one side if we are posting our all out heman posses then we are showing for the most part that we have absolutly nothing to hide. Even our Shame. At the same time there is no accounting for human stupidity. One politician could come along and see a bunch of guys poseing down with thier AEG or GBB which could make him scream the sky is falling.
So possibly taking down the personal pics and leaving the fun filled picks would be better.

Hope every one is doing well, this is a stressful time we're coming into.
i hear yah. But if i use Kimveer Gill as an example, the focus was only on this one gallery they found. Honestly, how many of us have ever had our images taken only once. Call me crazy, but im gonna assume he had more pics, like myself....I have airsofting pics, school pics, vacation pics, etc. Someone could see a pic of me in airsoft and cal the cops...without ever a consideration to the hundreds of non-crazy pictures there are of me up.
With the internet around for so long, everyone has stuff out there...but the focus has been totally on this one page.
I see what your saying about not having anything to hide, but if the shit hit the fan right this second...having nothing to hide wont do much good. people get tunnel vision on subjects like this.

See, my fiance has some of her friends over sometimes after work. Ill be at my computer browsing ASC gallery. They will come and look. The usual "thats different" or "neat" could be said for game pics...because its like paintball....but pictures of people posing with guns in their basments(chairsoft images) usually get the "wacko" or " psycho" reaction.

Ill bet if you took a pic from Kimveer Gill's page, backed out his face, then took a dozen pics from the ASC chairsoft gallery and blacked out their faces...if you took random people off the street and showed them, Ill bet many would think its the same guy. Everyone has these Kimveer Gill posing images burned into their head, and as I showed above, it draws some very similar looks to our chairsoft gallery.
Maby one idea is to only have game pics...but not out of game posing.
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